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Hard Work Stands Out

by Miranda Roth

At tryouts, I am looking for someone who will fit into the TOP HALF of our roster if they are a new player. I prefer having all-team tryouts so that each member, even if they have played on the team previously, brings great intensity to tryouts — this is the best way to start a season (and the most fair way to choose a team). 

In terms of skills, this means you need to have all the basics without flaw. For example, you can be the best thrower in the world, but if you refuse to play defense, ta-ta. As a teammate, I’m looking for someone who will support the team, make the (huge) commitment to being at everything possible and be low-maintenance. It’s good to ask questions; it’s bad to ask questions every day of the same person. It’s also good to have a compatible personality — someone that people will enjoy being around has a much greater chance of making the team because we spend so much time together. 

As far as age, I’m more looking at someone who will either contribute to the team immediately, and hopefully for more than one year OR someone who will learn quickly and has a lot of potential (these are usually the hyper athletes with weaker throws). In my mind, it’s great to be young and want to learn — if this is you, make sure you show the appropriate amount of respect for team captains/coaches/returning players. Young players can make the team as whoever they are, age doesn’t matter that much to me — we have had very experienced, calm young players play great in big games on Riot. 

As far as what type of play is better — I believe the base should be to be 100% on offense and never let your woman touch the disc on defense. Beyond that, if you can break the mark, throw hucks, sky people, get blocks — show that! But if one of those things isn’t you (they are almost certainly not ALL you), tryouts is NOT the time to start trying. If you are particularly good at something that the team you’re trying out for does not have, make sure you show that at some point during the tryout process. 

I would say the #1 thing I’m looking for in a tryout is someone who works hard. If you work hard every moment of your tryout that will stand out to anyone. Whether you’re at tournaments, practices or track workouts, you better be giving it your all at all times. This includes traits like being on time/early to everything, busting your ass at track (and also having been at the track/weight room prior to tryouts), being healthy for the tryout whenever possible, jogging to water, making eye contact with people explaining drills/offense/etc, and talking from the sideline at tournaments and practices. 

huddle Issue 2 Trying Out

Tuesday, May 28th, 2008

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