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My Thoughts On The Stack Debate

by Tully Beatty


Given the chess game that's taking place, the O should be keeping the D on their toes equally as much, so I don't know if it's a matter Of which type of O I'd "rather" run. Considering the conditions are windy enough, I'd more than likely prefer the Ho stack mainly because I'm thinking the D is coming zone or zone for a certain number of passes. If the D looks to transition after 4/5/6 passes, the secondary outside players are already set in place. I also like to look for a potential 2 to 3-man homey/dominator after the D's zone to man transition. 

I think the wind can be the D's 8th man if you're running a vertical stack into the wind. Running a Ho stack is more effective because running dummy cuts or fake cuts to the open side are more believable and the D can't necessarily overplay the open side. Having the ability to opt for a 3-man homey after a call/violation while facing the wind is "easier" when standing spread O rather than in a stack; it's an easier transition for that matter. Downwind, I'd be more flexible to run a vertical stack. In that situation the wind might become the O's 8th man. Dropping a hammer to break side space downwind for example. After feeling out the first few points in a heavy crosswind game, I'd be more comfortable running a vertical stack. With the exception of your deep-deep in a zone O, all the players are pretty much where they need to be. I'm sure you'd be looking at a 1-3-3, a 4-man cup or some sort of heavy trap-side defense for a few passes if not the entire point. That being true, I like having players near to where you want them setup. Allow handlers to be handlers for the first few passes. Maybe they can play a game of catch for the first few passes before the transition; and if not then the wings can get settled and a popper and handler/dump look for a potential 2 on 1 match-up. 

Looking at that kind of wind with either offensive set, the main adjustment I'm looking at is really not so different from a no-wind day: you don't need 7 players to score. 

Upwind or downwind: at some point I'm looking for the opportunity to use throwers and use speed/quickness to get closer to the end zone. 


huddle Issue 1 Horizontal vs Vertical

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

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