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This week we turn over the keys to the kingdom to our dear friend from Texas, Michelle Ng. Through the fall and into the springtime Michelle has organized a series of new tournaments and clinics (Midwest Warmup, Midwest Throwdown, Centex, and Philly Classic) directed towards small programs in the South and Midwest, as well as on the East Coast. Along with a cadre of some of the best Women's players anywhere, she sought to nurture the development of Women's Ultimate programs across the country.

In this feature we will hear from Michelle, her compatriot organizers, and coaches, captains, and players, who all participated in this series of learning tournaments.

We applaud Michelle and her cohorts for their tremendous vision and unrelenting dedication. Their work these past months will certainly be the gold standard for which all future endeavors will be judged against.



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(Note: this feature is a reproduction of a feature originally published on 

huddle Feature 25 Women's College Development

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
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