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2016 marked the second year of the USA Ultimate beach division.

US Beach Open 2016, the first USA Ultimate sanctioned beach division event, took place in the fall.



2016 Beach

  Youth   College   Club   Masters   Beach  
  Beach Championships  
  Date May 14-15  
  Location Virginia Beach, VA  
  Men (15) And the Warhawks  
  Mixed (16) Opig  
  Women's (10) Rockford Beaches  
  Mixed Masters (11) Swamp Rats  
  Grand Masters (10) No Country  
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The 2016 beach championships returned to Virginia Beach, VA.  


 left arrows  Beach Championships: Men's Division  right arrows

Standing Team Spirit Scores
1 And the Warhawks  
2 MidRift  
3T Bayonet  
3T Humiliswag  
5T AMPersand  
5T  Right Coast  
7T Browatch  
7T Paranoia  
9 Yetis On the Beach  
10 Weekend With Bernie  
11 Somerville Youth  
12 Dune Squad  
13 Sailors  
14 FludWhale  
15 Jaybirds  




2016 Beach Men's Division Final:
NoLogo    MidRift 
And the Warhawks   vs
12   9

 left arrows  Beach Championships: Mixed Division  right arrows

Standing Team Spirit Scores
1 Opig  
2 Point Break  
3 The Kevin Seiler Experience  
4 No Tsu Oh  
5T comic sands  
5T Fog City  
7 Beachboat  
8 Beach Please  
9 Illegal Seafood  
10 Big Fish  
11T Max Power  
11T The Bandits  
13T Believeland  
13T Lord Fairfax  
15T Baltimore Flatball Club  
15T Locals  
17 Squirtle Squad  
18 Erie Brig  
19T Fuster  
19T NCNY  




2016 Beach Mixed Division Final:
 OPig   PointBreak 
OPig   vs
Point Break
13   8

 left arrows  Beach Championships: Women's Division  right arrows

Standing Team Spirit Scores
1 Rockford Beaches  
2 Filly LAMP  
3T First in Flight  
3T Sharks & Kisses  
5 Skeeahreet  
6 The Bends  
7 Sand Witches  
8 Retro  
9 Throwtorious RBG  
10 Filthy Rich  




2016 Beach Women's Division Final:
 RockfordBeaches   FillyLamp 
Rockford Beaches   vs
Filly LAMP
11   5

 left arrows  Beach Championships: Mixed Masters Division  right arrows

Standing Team Spirit Scores
1 Swamp Rats  
Over the Hill  
3 Gruntled  
4 Shostakovich (and the Angry Budddha)  
5 Overrated  
6 Danger Bay  
7 Get Off My Lawn  
8 Bottomless Brunch  
9-11 Charge!  
9-11 Ye Olde Boxcar  
9-11 Beach & Cream  




2016 Beach Mixed Masters Division Final:
 SwampRats   OverTheHillLogo2018 
Swamp Rats   vs
Over the Hill
10   7

 left arrows  Beach Championships: Grand Masters Division  right arrows

Standing Team Spirit Scores
1 No Country  
2 Scrapple  
3T Alchemy  
3T Sandblast  
5 Johnny Walker  
6 Sol Draft  
7 Borderline  
8 Grave Error  
9 Old Line  
10 The Terror Bulls  




2016 Beach Grand Masters Division Final:
 NoCountry   Scrapple 
No Country   vs
13   6

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News and recaps
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