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This page covers information related to masters division competition in 2012.
Although the Club Division redrew its Regional boundaries to 8 regions, the Masters division stayed with the same 6 Regional format in used since 1995. 
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2012 Masters

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  Youth   College   Club   Masters  
  Masters Championships  
  Date Oct 25 - 27  
  Location Sarasota, FL  
  Open (12) Surly  
  Date Sep 9 - 23  
  Grand Masters Championships  
  Date Sep 1 - 3  
  Location Blaine, MN  
  Grand Masters (18) Surly GM  
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2012 Club
Championships Logo

The 2012 USA Ultimate Masters Championships took place in Sarasota, FL as a competition division at the USA Ultimate Club Championships.

With the club restructuring Triple Crown Tour implemenation slated for 2013, this also marked the last year the Masters Open Championship would be a division at the same championship as the Mixed, Open, and Women's division.



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Standing Team Region Spirit Scores
1 Surly Central 4.57
2 Boneyard Mid-Atlantic 3.43
3 Johnny Encore Southwest 4.86
4 Reckon South 4.71
5T GLUM Northeast 4.00
5T No Country Northeast 4.38
7T Burnside Northwest 4.57
7T Tejas South 4.33
9 Chesapeaked Mid-Atlantic 4.33
10 Wasted Talent Central 4.43
11 FIGJAM Northwest 4.57
12 Crawl Southwest 5.00




2012 Club Masters Division Final:
2012MastersLogos Surly   2012MastersLogos Boneyard
Surly   vs
15   13

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There is a recap of the event in the 2012 Winter USA Ultimate Magazine.

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Masters Open Regionals were scheduled to take place on the weekends of Sep 29 - 30, Oct 6 - 7.  Although Grand Masters held Regional qualifiers in 2011, there were no longer qualifiers in 2012.
Although the Club Division redrew its Regional boundaries to 8 regions, the Masters division stayed with the same 6 Regional format in used since 1995.  Teams were from one of 6 regions: Central (CN); Mid-Atlantic (MA); Northeast (NE); Northwest (NW); South (SO); Southwest (SW).

Masters Division

R   Date Location Winner
CN Sep 29 - 30 Rockford, IL Surly
MA Sep 29 - 30 Lewes, DE Boneyard
NE Oct 6 - 7 Devens, MA No Country 
NW Sep 29 - 30 Corvallis, OR Burnside
SO Sep 29 - 30 Orlando, FL Reckon 
SW Oct 6 - 7 Tempe, AZ Johnny Encore 
If you have any other information regarding 2012 Masters Regionals, please contact archives@usaultimate.org.
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2012GMMWLogo 200x200
2012 Grand Masters 
Championships Logo

The 2012 Grand Masters Championships took place in Blaine, MN.

Surly Brewing served as the local organizing committee (LOC) for the event, with Jake McKean as the TD.

2012 marked the expansion from a 2 to a 3 day event, and a change in timing from summer to labor day.  With this shift, there was insufficient interest needed to hold a Masters Women's Championship.


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Standing Team Region Spirit Scores
1 Surly GM Central 4.50
2 Scrapple Mid-Atlantic 4.00
3T Boulder Gun Club Southwest 4.00
3T Georgetown Brewing Northwest 4.14
5 Le Grande Tigre Southwest 4.71
6 DoG Northeast 4.71
7 T-Rex Mid-Atlantic 4.83
8 Man Down Mid-Atlantic 4.63
9 Old Line Mid-Atlantic 4.29
10 Moscow State Northeast 4.25
11 Iron City Ultimate Mid-Atlantic 5.00
12 Brooklyn Northeast 4.00
13 Sick Hammers South 5.00
14 Ozark Hillbillys South 4.38
15 Grandmaster Trash Central 4.63
16 Old Milwaukee Central 4.88
17 Age Against the Machine Central 4.83
18 Thrist'n Howl Northwest 4.43
Sick Hammers won the tiebreaker for the team spirit award. 



2012 Grand Masters Championships
GM Division Final:
2012MastersLogos SurlyGM   2012MastersLogos Scrapple
Surly GM   vs
14   11

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There is a recap of this event in the 2012 Fall USA Ultimate Magazine.
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At the Club Championships, the following individual spirit award was honored:

David Remucal (Johnny Encore)
2012 Marty Bakko Award, Masters Division






Note: the USA Ultimate event archives serve as a living document to preserve and share our organization and sport's rich history. Although care has gone into researching information before posting, we realize that inaccuracies may exist, and seek help from the Ultimate community to help fill in the gaps of knowledge that may otherwise be lost.  Please make use of the comments sections on these pages to share stories and information that are relevant to those years and competition divisions.  

In time, we will add to these pages with more information, detail, and better presentation as we go through our extensive and continually growing Ultimate archives.  Contact archives@usaultimate.org if you have any information or materials that can help make these archives a better resource for the Ultimate community.  Of particular interest to us are dontations of any photographic, video, or physical materials that may be deteriorating in Ultimate alumni's attics.  

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