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This page covers information related to masters division competition in 2000.

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2000 Masters

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  Youth   College   Club   Masters  
  Masters Championships  
  Date Oct 26 - 29  
  Location Sarasota, FL  
  Open (12) Keg Workers of America  
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2000 Club
Championships Logo

The 2000 USA Ultimate Masters Championships took place in Sarasota, FL as a competition division at the UPA Club Championships.


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  • About the teams (not yet available)
  • Full results (not yet available)
Standing Team Region
1 Keg Workers of America Northwest
2 Pond Scum Southwest
3 Old and in the Way Southwest
4 Pro State Masters Northeast
5 Old and Cranky Mid-Atlantic
6 Herniated Disc South
7 Trouser 2K Central
8 Old & Crabby Northwest
9 OLD SAG Mid-Atlantic
10 Black Lung Central
11 Wreckage Northeast
12 Alzhammers South
Black Lung won the team spirit award. 



2000 Club Masters Division Final:
Keg Workers
of America
Pond Scum
15   14

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This section will contain links to internal and external articles related to the event.
There is a recap of this event in the UPA Newsletter following the event, and it will be made available after it is scanned.
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Teams were from one of 6 regions: Central (CN); Mid-Atlantic (MA); Northeast (NE); Northwest (NW); South (SO); Southwest (SW).
Information about events prior to the championship is not yet available.
If you have any other information regarding 2000 Masters Regionals, please contact archives@usaultimate.org.
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Note: the USA Ultimate event archives serve as a living document to preserve and share our organization and sport's rich history. Although care has gone into researching information before posting, we realize that inaccuracies may exist, and seek help from the Ultimate community to help fill in the gaps of knowledge that may otherwise be lost.  Please make use of the comments sections on these pages to share stories and information that are relevant to those years and competition divisions.  

In time, we will add to these pages with more information, detail, and better presentation as we go through our extensive and continually growing Ultimate archives.  Contact archives@usaultimate.org if you have any information or materials that can help make these archives a better resource for the Ultimate community.  Of particular interest to us are dontations of any photographic, video, or physical materials that may be deteriorating in Ultimate alumni's attics.  

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