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This page serves as a placeholder page for general content and information related to the organization in 2000.

For information related to competition this year, follow the division links in the gray navigation box at the top right.


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The following newsletters will be made available as soon as they are scanned.


UPA Newsletter:
2000 Spring
UPA Newsletter:
2000 Summer
UPA Newsletter:
2000 Fall

UPA Newsletter:
2000 Winter


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The following teams represented the United States in international competition in 2000:

  Event Location Division Team Name Finish
  2000 WUGC Heilbronn, Germany FlagIcon de Masters USA Masters (Old & In The Way) 1st
  2000 WUGC Heilbronn, Germany FlagIcon de Mixed USA Mixed (Raleigh Llama) 1st
  2000 WUGC Heilbronn, Germany FlagIcon de Open USA Open (DoG) 1st
  2000 WUGC Heilbronn, Germany FlagIcon de Women's USA Women's (Fury) 4th
  2000 WJUC Heilbronn, Germany FlagIcon de Juniors Girls USA Juniors Girls 1st
  2000 WJUC Heilbronn, Germany FlagIcon de Juniors Open USA Juniors Open 3rd

* 2000 predated the WJUC as a standalone event, but rather was a division within the WUGC.  

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Note: the USA Ultimate event archives serve as a living document to preserve and share our organization and sport's rich history. Although care has gone into researching information before posting, we realize that inaccuracies may exist, and seek help from the Ultimate community to help fill in the gaps of knowledge that may otherwise be lost.  Please make use of the comments sections on these pages to share stories and information that are relevant to those years and competition divisions.  

In time, we will add to these pages with more information, detail, and better presentation as we go through our extensive and continually growing Ultimate archives.  Contact archives@usaultimate.org if you have any information or materials that can help make these archives a better resource for the Ultimate community.  Of particular interest to us are dontations of any photographic, video, or physical materials that may be deteriorating in Ultimate alumni's attics.  

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