Our Mission

The year 2008 marked the 40th Anniversary of the birth of Ultimate, making it a fitting year for the us to adopt its first Five Year Strategic Plan.  After more than a year and a half of listening to Ultimate players throughout the country, we came up both with that plan, as well as deciding on a mission statement that drives the organization.  The mission of USA Ultimate is....

To advance the sport of Ultimate in the United States by enhancing and promoting Character, Community, and Competition.


Our take on Character:

The personality of the Ultimate community is an essential part of the future of the sport.  Many associate this with "Spirit of the Game" and sportsmanship, others with the personal responsibility that comes from the self-officiating nature of the sport, others still with the flexibility of the sport to be "what the players want it to be".  For USA Ultimate, the term "character" represents our members desire to keep the Ultimate community's personality front and center as we work to improve the "watchability" of Ultimate as well as its marketability to the mainstream.



What you had to say about Character

Our take on Community:

Ultimate includes many groups who are passionate about the sport and who can help to move it forward.  As a small national governing body, USA Ultimate cannot do it all, but we can take a leadership role by creating a stronger community between current and former players, coaches, officials, local league and tournament organizers, parents/relatives, school administrators and corporations.  Through training and tools, USA Ultimate can enable each to enhance participation and acceptance of the sport at the local, regional and national levels.



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Our take on Competition:

It's clear from the research conducted that players want more opportunities to play, and that USA Ultimate should continue to use competitive events as a way to showcase the sport.  For almost three decades we have been at the forefront of creating opportunities for people to organize and play Ultimate.  Going forward, USA Ultimate will seek avenues for new categories of players to compete as well as ways to restructure our formats and organizational partnerships to make the competitive experience more fulfilling for players of all levels.  Through improved player knowledge of the rules and an increase in the number and skill level of observers, USA Ultimate will facilitate the ideal blend of fair play and fast-paced action.



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