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Inducted: 2013 - Player

Last Residence: Chicago, Ill.

Lived: Dec. 15, 1962- Feb. 26, 2011


Joey was one of the greatest receivers ever to play the game of ultimate. His grace, power, determination and timing were breathtaking. Joey was an unstoppable force, who, at 6’1’’, out-jumped and out-dove the taller opponents he faced. He helped lead Windy City to two national championships (1983, ‘86) and one world title (1984). Joey’s fiery showmanship was legendary; fellow competitors and spectators gathered on the sidelines in anticipation of spectacular display of athleticism. Joey finished his career in the early 90’s in Boston, playing for Big Ego Ultimate. Sadly, Joey passed away in 2011, leaving a rich legacy and countless memories of greatness.



Playing Career | US Nationals | WFDF Worlds | Contributions & Service | Interview


Playing Career

Team Name
1980   Wis-ILL
1981-1990, 1996   Windy City
1990-1991   Spin-icth
1993   Boston










US National Championship Tournaments

Name    City    Year    Division    Placing
Wis-ILL   Chicago/Milwaukee   1980   Open   Regionals
Windy City   Chicago   1981   Open   Regionals
Windy City   Chicago   1982   Open   Fifth
Windy City   Chicago   1983   Open   Champion
Windy City   Chicago   1984   Open   Semifinals
Windy City   Chicago   1985   Open   Semifinals
Windy City   Chicago   1986   Open   Champions
Windy City   Chicago   1987   Open   Second
Windy City   Chicago   1988   Open   Semifinals
Windy City   Chicago   1989   Open   Fifth
Windy City   Chicago   1990   Open   Semifinals
Spin-icth   Rockford   1991   Open    
Big Brother   Boston   1993   Open   Semifinals
Windy City   Chicago   1996   Masters   Champion

WFDF World Ultimate Championships

Name    City    Year    Venue    Placing
Windy City   Chicago   1984   Luzern, Switzerland   Champion







Q: What position(s) (e.g., handler, deep cutter, middle) did you usually play?

A: Joe was a deep cutter, receiver and goal scorer

Q: Please describe your major accomplishments - both as a teammate and individual?

A: Joe was quite simply the best receiver of his era. His layouts are legendary: impeccable timing, athleticsim and incredible hands.

Q: Please explain why you stood out among the elite players of your time. What was it that you did best, or were known for?

A: No matter who was guarding Joe, he caught more than half of our goals on average.. In the air or on the ground, his acrobatic leaping catches and dives are still talked about with awe. He had the most spectacular diving grabs ever. 

Q: What role did you play on the best (or most overachieving team) that you played on?

A: Handler, co-captain.

He helped inspire his teammates to play their best game by praising them for the things they did well and by helping them define their specific role on the team.

Q: What year was the peak of your career? During which years were you playing as the "stud" of your team? If you continued playing after your peak years, how did your role change? In what year did you stop playing at the top competitive level?

A: 1982-1986. Joe was the best receiver in ultimate.

Q: Why do you believe you are worthy of being inducted into the Ultimate Hall of Fame?

A: Any team who played Windy City feared to play against Joe. He was simply better than everyone else. At barely 6'1", he could out-leap guys 4 -5 inches taller all day long. He read the disc perfectly and always got it at the top of his range. His distance on dives was like a large cat. He also had spectacular diving catches on defense as well. I once heard someone ask him why he always caught on defense? He quipped, "Because then I KNOW it's mine."

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