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Inducted: 2004 – Inaugural Class

Current Home: Mountain View, Calif.

September 9, 1954                  

Irv Kalb was one of the early stars of the game, as captain of the Columbia High School team in 1971-72 (with a record of 19-0) and of college champion Rutgers University from 1972-76 (with a record of 45-1). He also won a freestyle championship with Stork Roddick in 1975. Irv was an avid organizer of Ultimate at high schools and colleges in the early 1970s, was co-coordinator of the first multi-team tournament at Yale in 1975, and oversaw the development of the rules of the game from 1971-82. Together with Larry Schindel, he was the “Johnny Appleseed” of Ultimate. Irv was always tireless in his pursuit of on-field excellence, faithful in his promotion of the game, and diligent in his preservation of the game’s history. Through the 1970s he authored numerous articles on Ultimate and co-authored the book, Ultimate: Fundamentals of the Sport, with Tom Kennedy in 1982. 


Playing Career | US Nationals | Contributions & Service | Other Accomplishments | Personal Life

Playing Career 

  • 1970 Richmond Avenue Gang
  • 1970-1972 Columbia High School Varsity Frisbee Team (Captain 1971-1972)
  • 1972-1976 Rutgers University (Captain 1972-1976)
  • Late 1970s Woodland Hills Hot Sox, Santa Barbara Condors
  • As captain of CHSVFT, the team went 19-0. As captain of Rutgers, the team went 45-1 (with 44 straight). Irv was named to the "1973-74 Ultimate All-American Squad" chosen by college captains. 

US National Championship Tournaments  

Name    City    Year    Venue    Placing
Rutgers   New Brunswick, NJ   1973       Consensus Champion
Rutgers   New Brunswick, NJ   1974       Consensus Champion
Rutgers   New Brunswick, NJ   1975   Yale University   First Place
Rutgers   New Brunswick, NJ   1976   Hampshire College   First Place

Contributions and Service 

  • Wrote the third through the eighth editions of the Rules of Ultimate
  • Coordinator of the first Ultimate league, the New Jersey Frisbee Conference in 1971-72
  • Coordinator of the first Ultimate National Championship at Yale University in 1975
  • Wrote numerous articles in the 1970s and 1980s on Ultimate that appeared in Frisbee magazines
  • Generally involved in every organizational development of Ultimate in the 1970s
  • Co-authored the book, Ultimate: Fundamentals of the Sport, with Tom Kennedy in 1982 

Other Accomplishments 

Irv won the National and World Freestyle Championships with Dan Roddick in 1975. Playing with the Foothill Institute of Frisbee Culture, he won the World Guts Championships in 1979 and 1980. 

Personal Life 

Irv lives in Mountain View, Calif with his wife, Doreen and is a computer programmer. 




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