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Inducted: 2007 - Player

Hometown: Watertown, Mass.

Born: July 28, 1964            

Christine "Teens" Dunlap led Lady Godiva, one of the most successful women’s teams ever, to nine UPA Women’s Club titles between 1988 and 2002. Teens was a multifaceted player—a leader, strategist, and teacher—who not only drew the toughest defensive assignments but also played a pivotal role in Lady Godiva’s precision offense. Regarded as one of the best all-around players in Ultimate, Teens thrived under pressure and was an intense competitor. At the same time, she displayed exemplary sportsmanship, earning the respect of teammates and competitors alike. Over the course of her career, Teens’ dedication to improving her own game while motivating those around her inspired scores of women to play at their highest level.




US National Championship Tournaments  

Name    City    Year    Venue    Placing
Lady Godiva   Boston   1988   San Diego, CA    Champion
Lady Godiva   Boston   1989   Washington, D.C.    Second
NY Women's Ultimate   New York   1990   West Palm Bech, FL   Fifth
Lady Godiva   Boston   1991   Sanford, FL   Champion
Lady Godiva   Boston   1992   San Diego, CA   Second
Lady Godiva   Boston   1993   Selma, TX   Second
Lady Godiva   Boston   1994   Lexington, KY   Semifinals
Lady Godiva   Boston   1995   Birmingham, AL   Champion
Lady Godiva   Boston   1996   Plano, TX   Champion
Lady Godiva   Boston   1997   Sarasota, FL   Champion
Lady Godiva   Boston   1998   Sarasota, FL   Champion
Lady Godiva   Boston   1999   San Diego, CA   Semifinals
Lady Godiva   Boston   2000   Sarasota, FL   Champion
Lady Godiva   Boston   2001   Sarasota, FL   Champion
Lady Godiva   Boston   2002   Sarasota, FL   Champion


WFDF World Ultimate Championship Tournaments

Name   City    Year   Venue   Placing
 Lady Godiva    Boston    1993    Madison, Wis.    Second
 Lady Godiva    Boston    1996    Jonkoping, Sweden    Second
 Lady Godiva    Boston    1997    Vancouver, Canada    Third
 Lady Godiva    Boston    1998    Blaine, Minn.    Champion
 Lady Godiva    Boston    2002    Honolulu    Third


Contributions and Service 

•    1998: served as co-coach of the women's team at Tuft's University
•    1999: was an observer at Northeast College Regionals.
•    Participated in a women's learning league for Ultimate




Q: What position(s) (e.g., handler, deep cutter, middle-middle) did you usually play?

A: I usually played handler and sometimes middle-middle against a zone defense.

Q: Describe your major accomplishments – both as a teammate and an individual player?

A: As a teammate, I was a part of the success Godiva had in the UPA Championship Series. It is hard to separate my individual accomplishments from that of the team.

Q: Why did you stand out among the elite players of your time? What was it that you did best, or were known for?

A: Two things I think explain why I may have stood out. First, consistency. During the years I played with Lady Godiva, we played a high-percentage, low-risk offense. I played well within that offense, touching the Frisbee often, but not turning it over often. Second, longevity. I played for a long time, and for a perennial contender, Godiva. During the years I played with Godiva, I managed to stay relatively injury free, and played a lot of points.

Q: What was your role with the best (or most overachieving) team that you played on?

A: For most of the years I played with Godiva, I was usually in a leadership role. We usually had a few people captain the team together, and I was always a part of that. Usually I would run practice.

Q: What was the peak of your career? lf you continued playing after your peak years, how did your role change? In what year did you stop playing at the top competitive level?

A: I think the best years of my career were the later years. As I said earlier, I managed to stay relatively injury free, which allowed me to play many years. Each year I learned from all the great people I was lucky enough to have played with. But, even towards the end of my career I could still move pretty well, and was able to apply my accumulated knowledge. Right until the end, I still took the hardest defensive assignment I could get. I stopped playing at the top competitive level in 2002.

Q: Why do you believe you are worthy of being inducted into the Ultimate Hall of Fame?

A: I believe I am worthy of being inducted into the Hall of Fame because I played for 17 years at the most competitive level, I was a leader on one of the most successful teams in Ultimate history, and I have won nine UPA National Championships. But, this is Ultimate, and it is about more than a winning record. I always tried to play within our guiding principle, the Spirit of the Game.  I believe I always played fairly, and respected the other players I faced.

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