College Awards

All Region, All-Freshmen & COTY Awards

All-Region Teams are comprised of individual players, as selected by their peers, who exhibit excellence in skill, athleticism, integrity, and leadership during the current college season. All-Fresmen teams, formerly Freshmen of the Year (FOTY), are chosen through a similar process for true freshmen players who exhibit these same characteristics or show great potential in these areas. Coaches should embody USA Ultimate's Spirit of Coaching while instilling respect, fostering a love of the game, and developing both team and individual players.  

An All-Region Team, Freshman of the Year, and Coach of the Year are named every year for each college region in each of the two college divisions (Open and Women's).


2019 D-I All-Region, D-III All-Region, All-Freshmen, COTY
2018 D-I All-RegionD-III All-RegionAll-FreshmenCOTY
2017 D-I All-Region, D-III All-Region, All-Freshmen, COTY
2016 D-I All-Region, D-III All-Region, All-Freshmen, COTY
2015 D-I All-Region, D-III All-Region, All-Freshmen, COTY
2014 D-I & D-III All-Region, All-Freshmen, COTY
2013 D-I & D-III All-Region, All-Freshmen, COTY
2012 All-Region, FOTY, COTY
2011 All-Region, FOTY, COTY
2010 All-Region, FOTY, COTY
2009 All-Region, FOTY, COTY
2008 All-Region and FOTY
2007 All-Region and FOTY
2006 All-Region and FOTY 
2005 All-Region and FOTY
2004 All-Region and FOTY 
2003 All-Region and FOTY
2002 All-Region and FOTY 

(Awards instituted in 2002)

Each team that participates in the USA Ultimate College Series is eligible to vote for these awards.  (College sectional and regional coordinators are also eligible to vote.)  Each team or coordinator may vote only once and select up to 7 players from their region and division for the All-Region Team and two freshmen for the Freshman of the Year award, and two coaches for the Coach of the Year award.  In order to be eligible, coaches must be USA Ultimate Coach members.

The voting mechanism will be set up and communicated directly to team contacts and coordinators after the first weekend of college regional championships.  The 7 players receiving the most votes in each region, by division, will be named to their All-Region Team.  The individual freshman player receiving the most FOTY votes in each region, by division, will be named Freshman of the Year.  The teams and individuals will be announced on the USA Ultimate website priot to the USA Ultimate College Championships.


While the primary focus of USA Ultimate Series events is team-oriented, these individual awards serve a number of important purposes. Many players put a great deal of time and energy into excelling at one or more aspects of Ultimate.  Recognizing that excellence on an individual level serves not only to reward the individuals for their work, but also to highlight to other players the qualities that are important to the USA Ultimate and its membership, including hard work, skill, integrity, athleticism, leadership, or a combination of these characteristics.  Individual awards also provide an excellent opportunity to develop characters and storylines within the sport and the USA Ultimate Series.  These help create interest in Ultimate beyond the playing field, both as a service to the USA Ultimate membership and as a tool to help promote the sport and the organization to members and non-members, Ultimate players and non-Ultimate players alike.


Callahan Awards

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