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Observer Program

Position Alias Name Location
National Observer Director observer_comm_chair@usaultimate.org Mitch Dengler Cary, NC
Observer Certification byron@hq.usaultimate.org Byron Hicks USA Ultimate HQ
Regional Observer Coordinator (Atlantic Coast) roc_ac@usaultimate.org Brad Tinney Washington DC
Regional Observer Coordinator (Great Lakes) roc_gl@usaultimate.org Laura Meyer La Crosse, WI
Regional Observer Coordinator (Metro East) roc_me@usaultimate.org Linda Kudo Oakville, ON
Regional Observer Coordinator (New England) roc_ne@usaultimate.org Shiellah Quintos Montreal, QC
Regional Observer Coordinator (North Central) roc_nc@usaultimate.org Sam Wood La Crosse, WI
Regional Observer Coordinator (Northwest) roc_nw@usaultimate.org Peter Kapostasy Seattle, WA
Regional Observer Coordinator (Ohio Valley) roc_ov@usaultimate.org Sebastian Miner Canton, MI
Regional Observer Coordinator (South Central) roc_sc@usaultimate.org Marvin Vuong Fort Collins, CO
Regional Observer Coordinator (Southeast) roc_se@usaultimate.org Randall Bugg Blountsville, AL
Regional Observer Coordinator (Southwest) roc_sw@usaultimate.org Brian Bradburn Newbury Park, CA


Position Alias Name
General Info info@hq.usaultimate.org  
Alumni Relations alumni@usaultimate.org  
The Ultimate Foundation info@theultimatefoundation.org Larry Melton
Coaching Development Program workshop_help@usaultimate.org Sam Callan
College Eligibility Committee-Chair coll_elig_comm@usaultimate.org  
Judicial Committee-Chair judicial_comm_chair@usaultimate.org  
Disc Standards Working Group Leader disc_standards_chair@usaultimate.org David Raflo
Formats Committee-Chair formats_comm@usaultimate.org Adam Tarr
Grant Program Coordinator grants@usaultimate.org Leah Dolan-Kelley
National Rules Director national_rules_director@usaultimate.org Janna Hamaker
Youth Eligibility Committee-Chair youth_elig_chair@usaultimate.org Andrew Schwartz
USA Ultimate Content Editor letters_to_editor@usaultimate.org Stacey Waldrup
Email Alias Administrator alias_owner@usaultimate.org  
Webmaster webmaster@usaultimate.org Stacey Waldrup
Kirstin Graham