Affiliate Benefits



  1. Discounted Affiliate-Level Memberships.
    1. Affiliate membership levels (over 70% off the standard full adult/college player membership benefits) cover a full calendar year of participation in all affiliate-owned/operated events (tournaments, leagues, camps, clinics, etc), excluding club/college/masters regular season events and championship events, at roughly the same price as single Event memberships for non-affiliate sanctioned event participants!
  2. Financial Assistance for a representative at Coach and Organizer Convention
    1. USA Ultimate provides complimentary registration and travel cost reimbursement for a representative at the annual Coach and OrganizerConvention.
  3. Membership Rebates
    1. Affiliates who complete all annual compliance receive a rebate payment at the end of each year for each USAU member in good standing (signed waiver, rostered appropriately, no conduct issues, etc) who has participated in the affiliate organization's events and programs during the previous year, in whichever is the greatest of the following amounts:
      1. $0.50 per annual member at any level, including Affiliate, Youth, College, Adult, Lifetime, Coach+Player, etc .
      2. or $1.00 per Affiliate-level member (i.e., those who would not have joined as a USA Ultimate member for any other programs).
      3. or a percentage of each Affiliate-level membership in a ratio of 1% per 100 Affiliate-level members, up to a maximum of 50% with 5000+ Affiliate-level members during the year (e.g., an Affiliate with 1522 Affiliate-level member participants in good standing would receive 15.22% of the dues paid for those Affiliate-level memberships).
        1. **This rebate percentage option (#3) was added as of 2018, primarily to incentivize growth as well as the affiliation of larger existing local disc organizations that are not yet Affiliates!


  1. General Liability Insurance Coverage for events
    1. Affiliates receive excellent, comprehensive insurance coverage through USA Ultimate. Our goal is to provide affiliates with BETTER coverage that they would get with an individual policy, even though an individual policy may be less expensive up front. Affiliates receive VERY comprehensive, high-quality coverage! And USA Ultimate will also do all of the renewal work, so the Affiliate can focus on ultimate. We review our coverage with a professional amateur sport focused broker annually, evaluate the current and ever-changing sports environment, incorporate recommendations on trends and risks to look out for from the U.S. Olympic Committee, and make updates to our policy to reflect industry changes. Coverage for USA Ultimate Affiliates will always be provided by a proven, trusted A-rated carrier, from among the few insurance providers that have the experience and reputation to successfully insure sports organizations and their programs. The point is NOT to JUST provide a certificate to reserve fields; our insurance truly protects our affiliates, participants and board of directors from risks associated with running a local organization. Saving a little money annually on cheap insurance isn't worth the risk of not having the insurance actually come through when something goes wrong.
  2. Directors and Officers Insurance
    1. USAU will cover the cost (up to $750/year) of a Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance policy for organizations that commit to a 3-year term of affiliation. Affiliates who commit only to one year at a time, will receive access to purchase a policy from our A-rated carrier at a preferred rate (as low as $450/year).


  1. New Start Equipment Grant Kits.
    1. Priority is given to affiliate community members & groups who apply for an equipment grant to start new youth, college or club programs.


  1. Preference to run any USA Ultimate Education and Outreach Program, of which they must run at least one a year.
    1. Follow the link above to view the complete "Program Menu" of options, or visit the Outreach and Education Programs page.
  2. Play it Forward Memberships for Disadvantaged Youth.
    1. Affiliates receive access to financial support that will fully cover the cost of memberships for youth players with a demonstrated, qualified need for some financial assistance.


  1. Discounted Event Sanctioning.
    1. Affiliates can register to sanction & insure their events (tournaments, leagues, clinics, practices, etc) without paying any application fees ($50-$200 savings per event), and sanctioning confirmation is guaranteed whenever submission deadlines are met, with no waiting for application approval.
  2. Streamlined Online Waiver Processing on Affiliate Website
    1. Affiliate organizations can collect electronic waiver of liability signatures using their own registration systems, rather than requiring participant/parent signatures either on paper forms or at Play.USAUltimate.org. (Waiver content and wording can be modified by USAU HQ to prominently include the affiliate organization's name.)
  3. Priority Bids for Youth Club Championships (YCC) Teams
    1. The highest bid priority is given to teams that are sponsored by affiliates who are running youth club leagues (to provide an opportunity to all youth in the local area to play, regardless of school attendance/enrollment).
  4. Preference to Host Championship Events.
    1. Bid preference for hosting USA Ultimate championship and showcase events is given to Affiliates to engage and stimulate interest in their local communities. Starting in 2018, Affiliates will be able to submit multiyear bids to host a USAU championship event as well as single year bids before the normal public bid window opens for that event year.
      1. To inquire about submitting such a bid, please reach out to the appropriate Competition Division Manager per the HQ Staff Contacts page or to a Director/Manager of Community Services/Development.
  5. Free Tournament Director Certification
    1. Affiliate organizers can become officially certified to direct sanctioned tournaments for their local affiliate organization without paying the standard $33 certification fee that non-affiliate sanctioned event TDs pay. Just register HERE for the TDCP course without completing a payment, and then email sanctioning@usaultimate.org with (a) your Affiliate organization's name, (b) your role with the organization, and (c) request that your TDCP course registration be marked as paid.
  6. Direct Program Marketing to USAU Members
    1. USA Ultimate headquarters Member Services dept staff will share social media posts and/or send direct communications to targeted segments of the USA Ultimate membership regarding upcoming Affiliate programs, events, employment opportunities, and other special initiatives. Discover new players, staff, and grow your organization!
  7. Event Survey Feedback
    1. Receive the results of league and tournament participant surveys conducted by USA Ultimate. Gain valuable insight from the feedback of participants in your programs and continue to improve the quality of your programs!


  1. Written Guides, Manuals and Online Document Resources.
    1. Notifications are sent regularly to affiliate organizers regarding updates to our ever expanding and comprehensive collection of useful written resources and documentation on a variety of topics of interest and assistance to local disc organizations. These resources are designed, developed and budgeted for the affiliate program!
  2. Online Organizer Forum.
    1. Affiliate organizers gain access to their peers around the country via inclusion in an online discussion forum to share valuable insight, ideas, successes and solutions to the challenges that are often faced in organizing the ultimate sport at the local level.
  3. Free Shipping + Merchandise Discounts
    1. Free shipping on top of special, highly reduced member pricing for discs, kits, rulebooks, spectator guides, videos and other merchandise sold by USA Ultimate.
  4. Performance and Growth Recognition.
    1. The top affiliates are recognized annually in several categories, highlighting their outstanding achievement in growing the sport of ultimate in their local service area.
  5. Listing Prominence/Distinction.
    1. Prominent placement and distinction on the nationwide map of local disc organizations as well as a prominent listing with local contact details as an official USA Ultimate Affiliate, demonstrating a public relationship with the national governing body beyond the more temporary, event-by-event relationship of sanctioning. The top affiliates are recognized annually in several categories, highlighting their outstanding achievement in growing the sport of ultimate in their local service area.
    2. One affiliate per issue receives the opportunity to be featured in the seasonal quarterly USA Ultimate Magazine in the Local League Spotlight story. Don't miss the opportunity to tell your story and to let the national ultimate community know how your organization is growing, struggling, achieving, overcoming, being challenged, and promoting the sport of ultimate in your area. Contact <affiliate@usaultimate.org> if your organization would like to be featured in the next issue!
  6. Access to the USAU Judicial Process.
    1. For conduct policy violations or complaints that allege inappropriate conduct at an event run by an Affiliate, the investigation, communication, and resolution of the matter can be appropriately handled by the USAU Judicial Committee.
  7. Promotional Banner.
    1. Upon acceptance into the USA Ultimate Affiliate program, each organization receives a branded 2'x6' banner to display at events or use for promotional & marketing opportunities.
  8. USA Ultimate Affiliate Logo Usage.
    1. USA Ultimate Affiliate logo promotes your organizational relationship and official link to the sport's national governing body and national teams. We encourage Affiliates to use it in any appropriate ways.


Questions? Contact  <affiliate@usaultimate.org>